Wednesday, Apr. 30, 2003--14:42
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so evidentally people want to help with the layout, which i'm ecstatic about. anybody that wants to, i'll email you the pic that i want as the building point. its really... me. i've moved everything out of fab's except for the last load that has to go to my mom's, but i don't have time to do that. i'm not quite sure what to do about it. and my air conditioning decided to go on hiatus (it was evidentally following after me) from the time i went to mcdonalds for lunch to when i was driving away and freaking out because i had no air. and i know you're all wondering why on earth i'm eating mcdonalds but its cheap and that's where i'm at. i was actually going to get take out at hops across the street but i didn't have time, so it was off to mcdonalds. and jim was in today, which was really wierd but we ended up talking for awhile about his family, and my family, and computers because he may buy my computer if i find out how much a pawn shop will give me. he looks so wierd since he dyed his hair (really fucked up since he hated that i dyed my hair when we were dating) and he was wearing board shorts that i tried to get him to wear when we were dating and he refused to spend the money and he got really cheap really ugly black old man bathing suit instead. glad to know that he's willing to be normal when i'm not with him. evidentally he's more willing to impress the girls at work than he was his own fiancee. oi. anyhow, i'm working on making this look blockish and run-on, sort of and is it working? i'm going to get back to work now because i work 10-8 (pain in the ass shift) because there was no one else to work, and then i have to turn in the paper that i wrote last night and this morning that is due today and i didnt decide what to write on until last night. i've had a month to come up with it. but it is definitely the worst paper i've written this semester, though i'll probably get an A- on it like i've gotten on all the papers i've turned in to that teacher. he said i got A-'s instead of As because i write "too creatively"--did i tell you that? pain in the ass; i can't wait until i turn this in and i'm done for the semester.

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